范文一:2013成都中考英语 投稿:郭銌銍


A. 从下面方框中选出与下列各句中划线部分意思相同或相近、并能替换划线部分的选项。

27. Mr. Smith wrote a book about how to travel in different countries. 28. Bill began to learn to play the piano at the age of five. 45. --- Do you know who invented the telephone? --- No. I only know it _____ in 1876. A. invented B. was invented C. invents

46. --- Peter, could you tell me _________? --- He is under the tree over there. A.where you father is B. what your father is C. how your father is C. 补全对话。

( L --- Lucy; K---Kim)

L: Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year, Kim? K: 47._______________ 29. Gina likes reading very much. She has read many books.

B. 从各题的A、B、C三个选项中选择正确答案。(共17小题,每小题1分,计17分)

30.--- Let’s play soccer. --- Good idea! Do you have _____________ soccer ball? A. a B. an C. 不填

31.--- Jim, when were you born? --- I was born ___________ October, 1998. A.in B. at C. on

32. My father has a great sports collection, ____________ he plays sports every day. A. or B. but C. and

33. Look at the girl in the red skirt. ____________ is my new classmate. A. It B. She C. He

34. --- What are you doing this weekend? --- We are going hiking if it _________. A. will rain B. doesn’t rain C. rains

35.David is ______________ student in our class. Nobody is taller than him. A.tall B. taller C. the tallest

36.--- What kind of music do you like? --- I like music __________ I dance to. A. that B. where C. who

37. I have ____________ my watch everywhere. But I cannot find it. A. look at B. looked up C. looked up

38. It is the boy’s _____________ birthday today. He is five years old now. A. fifteen B. fifth C. five

39. There is a ______________ near our school. We often buy books there. A. bank B. restaurant C. bookstore

40. Last year we went to Paris, but this year we want to do _______________ different. A. something B. anything C. nothing

41. --- ______________ do you love pandas? --- Because they are very cute. A. What B. How C. Why

42. --- Have you ever been to Beijing? --- Yes. Last month I ________ there. A.have been B. went C. will go

43.--- Can I finish my homework tomorrow? --- ________. You must finish it today? A.Yes, you can B. No, you needn’t C. No, you can’t

44. He is too heavy. He has decided ________________ some exercise to keep healthy. A. to take B. not to take C. take

L: What are you going to do? K: 48._______________ L: Why do you want to learn Chinese? K: 49. ______ Well, Lucy, did you make your resolution? L: Oh, sure. 50._________________ K: How are you going to do that?



Most elephants are gray. Only a few are 51 . It’s difficult to see a white elephant. When people find a white 52 , they feel excite.

Long ago, a white elephant was 53 to the king. Only the king could have a white elephant. And the white elephant must be a very 54 one. People wanted to take a look at the animal. On

55 way to the king, the white elephant attracted (吸引) many people. They ran inro the street and shouted, “A white elephant is coming!”

All the people 56 the cute elephant. Some gave it 57 to drink. Others sang songs to the elephant. A boy put a red hat 58 the elephant’s head.

Then the elephant came before the king. 59 the king saw the white elephant. The king 60 it a mane himself. The elephant ate from gold dishes and it began a new life.

51. A. gray B. white C. red 52. A. elephant B. king C. street 53. A. swept B. painted C. taken 54. A. green B. cold C. good 55. A. your B. its C. my 56. A. liked B. sold C. spelt 57. A. dishes B. water C. food 58. A. on B. from C. off

59. A. At first B. At the beginning C. At last

- 1 -

60. A. asked B. gave C. built B 卷(非选择题;50分)

一、完成对话。 (J--- Jack; T---Tony)

J: Hi, Tony. Why do you look so exhausted?

T: You can’t 1.________________ how unlucky I was this morning. J: What happened?

T: This morning I nearly 2._______________ the lecture to be held in City Library. I woke up a little late. But the note on the desk 3._______________ me of the lecture. So I had After finishing his work, the poor man came across the field to the path. Putting his foot into one of his shoes, he felt something unusual. He stopped 7._____________ what it was and he found the coin.

He took out the coin, surprised, and looked at it 8.______________ for a while. Then he looked around, but 9._____________ was there. Then he started to put on the other shoe. He got much more surprises when he found the other coin.

The poor man then looked up into the sky and shouted “Thank You!” The student stood there with tears (眼泪) in his eyes. “Now,” said the professor, “aren’t you more pleased to rush to the bus stop. J: Did you catch the bus?

T: No. I 4._______________ to do so. As soon as I saw a taxi coming near, I shouted and 5._____________ it at once.

J: so you got to the library in time, didn’t you? T: No. 6.________, when the taxi was two blocks aways from the library, it couldn’t move on 7._________ a bit because it had knocked into a bus when turning left. J: What did you do then?

T: Right at that moment I received a call. I was told I 8.______________ go to the lecture this morning. The news made me 9.______________. I was happy. J: Did you return home directly?

T: No. I had to stay in the town, 10._____________, for the lecture was put off until this afternoon. 二、短文填空。

One day, a student was talking with a professor (教授), who’s kind to those who waited on his 1.______________.

As they went along, they saw a pair of old shoes 2.___________ on the path (小路), which, they supposed, belonged to a poor man working in a nearby field (田地). He had neatly finished his 3.____________ work.

The student came to a stop, and said to the professor, “Let’s play a hoax on the man: we hide his shoes, hide ourselves and wait to see how 4._____________ he would be when he finds that his shoes are somebody feel day successfully lie you pleasant discover careful lose instruction embarrass 5.__________ .” “My friend,” answered the professor, “We should never enjoy ourselves while making the poor sad. Now you are rich, why not give yourself a much greater 6._____________ by helping the poor man? Put a coin into each shoe, hide ourselves and see what will happen to him.”

The student did so, and they both places themselves behind the nearby trees.

than if you had played 10.__________ planned hoax?”

“You’ve taught me a lesson which I will never forget,” answered the student. 三、阅读表达(共20小题;计15分) A. 补全短文

The best-loved pig in Hong Kong is called McDull. His mom makes a wish that he will look like Chow Yun-fat or Tony Leung, but he is well-known only by a birthmark around his right eye.

Everything he tries, he fails. He wants to be an Olympic champion of qiangbaoshan (抢包山), but the sport of catching the hottest baozi from a small mountain doesn’t really exist (存在), of course. He dreams of going to the Maldives, but ends up on only a one-day tour of a Hong Kong landmark.

1.____________ McDull was at first a supporting character i a story about his cousin McMug, a smart baby pig and “what parents expect of their children.” But interestingly, the wooden-healed McDull gradually became more attractive when he told his classmates that if he became the class monitor, he would treat everyone with strawberry cakes. McDull tried to speak out one sentence i his speech, “If you choose me, you will be...painful.” For him, it looks only a little bit different from an “A” when he gets an “E”. 2.____________

3._____________ In one of the McDull movies, he talks to the audience (观众), “I suddenly realize that there is something you cannot have. No noodles, no Maldives, no golden medal, no money... Actually, being silly is not funny---it could mean failure (失败). Being fat is not funny. Being fat does not even mean you are stronger. Disappointment is not funny, either. When I grow up, and face the strict world that isn’t funny, what should I do?” He is still happy, however. He always starts again with a new dream when one fails him.

4._____________ The popularity of McDull sometimes makes his creator Alice Mark confused, who has some simple thoughts, such as God creates humans, because he loves humans and he wants them to be happy. “maybe people see themselves and their friends in McDull.

- 2 -

McDull makes people realize that they used to be as simple and happy as him. If there is a theme in all the McDull movies, it is about how a simple person keeps his or her you to talk about the “how”. Groups who take the time to discuss how they will work together are more well-organized and successful.

simplicity in a world full of problems. 5._______________” says Alice Mark. B. 阅读排序。

Have you ever saved anyone’s life?

A. One night in July, Danny and Gray, two 15-year-old school boys, were chatting online. B. On the girl’s Facebook, she was writing scary apologize (道歉) and sad goodbyes. C. The two boys are Facebook friends for a long time, but they have never met before. D. They have created a Facebook page to help keep teens form suicide (自杀).

E.On that hot night, the two boys were talking about how to help teens in danger when they suddenly found a new message form a girl’s Facebook that was showing her suicidal feelings.

F. It’s a place where teens can ask for advice, express ideas, and support other teens. G. The next morning, the girl wrote back to Danny, “I would be dead right now without help.”

H. When the girl said she still decided to end her life, Danny called the police, and they finally saved her in time.

I. The two boys each sent caring messages to the girl, who went to Danny’s school, asking her to reconsider.

J.“To know that the girl’s life was in our hands was really scary. We must do something.” says Danny. C. 完成表格。

What makes a group smart and able to solve problems successfully and produce good solutions? Oh, we may ask: what makes a group intelligent? A group’s IQ (智商), we might think, would be simply the average intelligence (平均智力) of the group’s members, or perhaps the intelligence of the group’s smartest member. But some scientists have found that this isn’t so.

A groups intelligence comes out from communications that go on within group. A group’s intelligence can be calculated, and like the IQ grades of a single person, and it can predict the group’s performance on lots of kinds of tasks perfectly. Just like a single person’s intelligence can be trained and developed. A group’s intelligence can also be increased. Here are some suggestions on how to guide the development of smart groups: Personally, you can choose group members carefully. The smartest groups are made up pf people who are good at reading one another’s social signs. And then it’s better for

As a group member, it is also very important for you to share (分享) the floor in the formal (正式的) meetings. The members who just control the discussion or who stay away and don’t say much make the intelligence of the group lower. But in the smart group, members connect directly with each other, not just with group leader. They always take an active part in every small conversation that could be added to main discussion. Outside of formal meetings, the smartest groups spend a lot of time communicating, too. All members can have a coffee break at the same time, leading them to do their work more professionally and feel more pleased with their jobs.

成都是“美食之乡”,虽然餐馆里美味很多,但我更喜欢在家吃饭。现在,请以The Advantages of Eating at Home为题,写一篇90-110词的英语短文,内容须包括:


The Advantages of Eating at Home








- 3 -

- 4 -

范文二:英语中考成功经验 投稿:何眵眶


李晶 中考英语如何取胜 吃透模拟题坚持练听力 要点提示】每天利用10至20分钟零散时间坚持练听力;吃透中考模拟试题和往年真题提高单选分数;完形填空部分每天至少练习一篇文章;选几篇300字以上科普文章提高阅读理解










































此外,还要注意应据所给信息,完成应用文。考生可重点练习以下8项内容:通知、书信、海报、留言条、电子邮件、个人简介、天气预报、日记。考生练习时要严格遵守应用文的评分标准:1、具有应用文的特征;2、用上所有信息;3 、语言准确;4、可读性强;5、至少写出5句话。此次市模拟题是让考生写一封电子邮件,部分考生因没有仔细看题而丢掉信息或者因粗心而忘记写落款了。所以,考生一定要注意看题审题,包括中英文提示,要审







钟佳敏坦言英语是自己相对“薄弱”的科目,于是花了较多时间去提高。“英语最关键的是多读多听,读了听了语感自然就有了。”钟佳敏的学校每天早上都有专门的早读时间,这个时候她会拿出初一到初三三年的英语课本逐字逐句地朗读每一篇文章,并且尽可能背下来,“虽然是老师要求的,但我个人也觉得很有必要。课文里的字句能够规范英语作文用语,并且考试题万变不离其宗,无论语法还是词汇最后都会落脚到课文中。”但钟佳敏并不满足于每天早晨45分钟的朗读,晚上回到家,在完成一天的作业之后,她会在每晚9:30左右又开始继续白天的“背诵事业”,“而且我的习惯是读出声来,越大声越好,仿佛在读的同时又练了听力。”说到这里,她忍不住为自己这一“克英”怪招笑了笑。 听力钟佳敏一直比较拿手,她认为这都是她从初一开始坚持不懈地做专门的听力练习的结果,30道听力题平常一般会错2~3个,而状态好的时候还能够“全中”。只有一次,在初三下学期做一套静安区的模拟试题时,她错了7道,尽管同班同学得分普遍偏低,但还是引起了她的警惕。“之后的时间我就找来英语课文同步磁带,在吃晚饭的时候,或者做题做累了出去散步的时候随意放来听听,虽然不敢说起了多大的立竿见影的效果,但是对于保持良好的英语状态绝对起到了潜移默化的作用。”



范文三:英语中考成绩分析 投稿:罗鈫鈬





2012年铁力市英语学科总平均分为74.3,我校总平均分为71.4,离差为 -2.9,这是我校英语教学与全市的差距,也是我们在接下来的工作中所要超越的距离,尽管在师生的共同努力下我们已经将2011年的离差-11.6缩小为-2.9,但这时刻在提醒我们不能放松,仍要继续赶超。


能使学生扎实的掌握所学内容。另外,校长多次强调,教学要关注全体,这才是提高及格率的关键。 (表一)


2012年第十中学英语学科总平均分为71.4,表三为初三各班级与学校总平均分的离差,从这个表格可以看出,八个班级的两级分化很严重,离差最多为 -14.3及14.1,总体不均衡,一方面体现了学情的不同,另一方面也体现了教师对学生的关注度不够。我们若想提高学校的整体平均分,就要加强集体备课,并做好个人二次备课,一定要针对学情的不同,设计有特色的、符合学生学习特点的教学活动,吸引学生,带动学生,鼓励学生,减少学生与学生的差距。


并能较好地利用多媒体进行辅助教学,学生英语学习基础较好,能很好地做到单元清。所以在中考的阶段复习中学习效果最为明显。 (表三)



英语老师要更好地把握《英语新课程标准》对日常教学的指导。基础知识的考查从注重语言形式转变为注重语言意义,并要求在特定的语境中理解其特定的含义,在情景设计上更加灵活和实用。因此教师要提高教学质量,必须要在注重语法知识教学的同时,更应该注重增加综合性与语境化的因素,这就要求教师在平时的教学中,注重语言的应用价值。 1、抓好听力训练关。


2、要求教师在平时教学中积极创设情景,促进口语交流。 学习语言的目的在于正确使用语言。因此,在教学中教师要结合学生的实际,编写有助于开展口语交流活动的材料,要设法创设交流活动情景,以激发学生的学习兴趣,引导学生积极参与语言实践活动,培养学生自主学习的能力。 3、强化阅读,正确引导,开阔视野。

中考对学生在阅读方面的要求越来越高。在初中阶段教师要注重对学生阅读能力的培养,加大阅读量,提高阅读速度,提高考生的阅读理解水平,而且要帮助考生掌握阅读技巧。 4、循序渐进,加强训练,提高写作技巧。

在课堂教学中,教师按照“句---段---篇”的训练程序,由易到难,循序渐进。在平时的训练时,要分阶段进行,有内容,有侧重。要学生学会如何找准切入点。同时教师应加强辅导,帮助学生掌握一些写作技巧,注意书写习惯,增强写作信心,从而提高学生的写作能力。 中考英语的难度值越来越小,这给了学生学习英语的自信心和兴趣,对我们大面积提高英语教学成绩有着极大的鼓舞。在教学中不做无用功,而且对学生要加强写的训练,另外教师要能结合生活,丰富学生的课外知识,只有这样才能让学生考出更好的成绩。

范文四:成都市中考英语 投稿:龚扥扦



All around the world, everyone has to eat. But people in different areas eat different things.

Sometimes, people use the same ingredients 61________cook them differently.

What people eat has something to do with where they live. People look at the local

62_________ to describe what to grow in the fields. For example, the 63__________ weather near the North Pole (北极) means that 64__________ plants can grow there. Therefore, the local people, the Inuit, live only by fishing and 65__________ animals.

In Northern China, corn and wheat(小麦) grow well in the dry weather. So the local people

make steamed bread (馒头) and noodles from 66___________ or wheat. However, it is different in the 67_______. There, lost of rain and land near the lakes and rivers mean that the people can grow and eat rice.

The land and weather in Central America is 68__________ for growing cocoa trees.

Chocolate is made from the seeds(种子) in the fruit of these trees. Almost every home in Central America has its own way of 69_________ chocolate. Chocolate has become a 10________ that people cannot live without. 61. A. and

B. but

C. or C. plants C. cold C. quite a few C. catching C. corn

62. A. weather 63. A. warm 64. A. few

B. animals B. hot B. a few B. feeding

65. A. training 66. A. rice

B. chocolate

67. A. north 68. A. good

B. south B. bad

C. northwest C. difficult C. making C. tree

69. A. picking 70. A. drinking

B. planting B. food

第三部分 阅读理解 (共15小题,计30分)


We are collecting more news for school English newspaper. Would you like to be reporters

for it? Welcome! Here are two pieces from the news page.

71. You are welcome to be reporters for our school English newspaper. 72. Li Yu won the second prize in the 800-meter race yesterday. 73. Yang Liu was the best runner last year.

74. Mr. White will teach us English for two years at our school. 75. We’ll always remember Mr. White’s lively and interesting teaching.



My friend’s grandfather came to America for a farm in Thailand. After arriving in New York,

he went into a cafeteria(自助餐厅)in Manhattan to get something to eat. He sat down at an empty table and waited for someone to take his order. Of course nobody did. Finally a woman with a big plate full of food came up to him. She sat down opposite him and told him how a cafeteria worked.

"Start out at that end," she said, "Just go along the line and pick out what you want. At the other end they'll tell you how much you have to pay."

I soon learned that’s how everything works in America," the grandfather told my friend later. "Life is like a cafeteria here. You can get everything you want as long as you want to pay the price. You can even get success, but you'll never get it if you wait for someone to bring to you. You have to get up and get it by yourself."

76. My friend’s grandfather came from ______________.

A. Thailand

B. Manhattan

C. New York

77. The grandfather went into a cafeteria to ______________.

A. Wait for someone

B. get something to eat

C. meet my friend

78. The woman in the cafeteria might be _____________.

A. a waitress

B. a friend of the grandpa’s

C. a customer

79. What should we do to get food in cafeteria?

A. Wait for the waiter

B. Ask someone for help

C. Get it ourselves.

80. What can we learn from the grandfather’s words about the life in the US?

A. Get up early and you can succeed. B. Act and get what you want on your own.

C. Nobody brings you anything unless you pay the price.


How much do you know about Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein, born in March 14, 1870 in Germany, was a great scientist in the world. He

was strange because he hated haircuts and new clothes. He believed in each. All his life, he hated war. However, his most famous idea, E=mc2, helped create the world’s most dangerous weapon(武器). Many people think he was the smartest person in the world. But Einstein said that he thought

What did he like、

Einstein liked learning sailing(帆船运动). He sailed in small boats all his life. He once joked,

“Sailing is the sport that takes the least energy!”

When Einstein was a child, his mother made him take violin lessons. At first, he didn’t like

the violin. But then he learned to love music and became a good violinist. Later he said, “Love is the best teacher.”

Why is the sky blue?

In 1910, Einstein asked a question which many children often ask, “Why is the sky blue?”

After his careful research, he answered the question like this: It’s because light is made up of

many colors including blue. When light travels to Earth, gas particles(气体微粒) spread the blue light all over the sky.” His answer is true in physics.

81. According to the passage, Albert Einstein ________haircuts and new clothes. A. forget

B. minded

C. disliked

82. The underlined part actually shows Albert Einstein was a/an ________person. A. clever

B. imaginative

C. childlike

83. Einstein ________learning sailing and playing the violin. A. was interested in

B. looked forward to

C. was known for

84. From Paragraph 3 we know that ________. A. mother teaches the best

B. without mother’s push, we can’t love anything C. when we love something, we’d like to learn about it

85. Einstein offered a ________explanation for the question why the sky is blue. A. magic

B. scientific

C. careful

范文五:成都中考英语完成对话 投稿:钟痉痊



2.按编号把答案依次填入右边表格内。(共10空。每空1分;计分10分) 2004

3.完成对话,在对话的空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词。按编号把答案依次填入右边表格内。(共10小题,每小题1分;计分10分) A: What shall we do today?

B: Well, we could visit the old town of this city. There we can see many small and quite street with green on both sides. Their leaves almost all the streets.

A: I’d to do that . I don’t feel like very much today.

B: Maybe we could borrow two from my friend Liu Lei who lives in this city, and we may the bikes to him when we of walking. A: Good idea! But we must do some 10 first. We need to buy some food and drinks.

4.完成对话 在对话的空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词。按编号把答案依次填入下边的表格内。(共10小题,每小题1分;计分10分)

A: Police, police, I have to report. I have just had my money .

B: Before you begin, not sit down and have a cup of water. Don’t be too excited. It won’t us to catch the thief.

A: Yes, you are right. should I start? B: From the . When did it take place? A: About forty minutes ago.

B: And where exactly did it take place?

A: It was probably in Xinhua Bookstore. When I the bank I found that someone me in the street. He was just a few steps behind me. And then I the bookstore. B: The bank?

A: I went to the bank to take out 500 dollars. But when I for the books in the bookstore. I couldn’t find my purse.

B: Well, is this purse yours? Look, this is your photo. A boy picked it up in the bookstore. A: Yes, yes. Thank you very much.


A: How are you feeling now? George and I was quite anxious about you when Ann called us yesterday. B: Not too yet. I still have a headache and my right can take a cup. A: What about your legs?

B: Much better. I feel less me to stay in bed for two weeks. A: That’s OK. But how did it B: Oh, yesterday morning I cleaned the windows. In order to and stood the windows. I worked quickly, but suddenly I up, I found myself lying in bed in the A: You’re lucky that you live on the second floor.

6.完成对话。在对话的空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词。请按编号将答案依次填入下边的表格内。(共10小题,每小题1分;计l0分) A: Oh, what happened to you? B: It’s nothing B: Oh, I just injured my arms. A: Well, how did it happen?

B: This morning I was walking down the street near our factory when I found a house on fire(着火).The door, the windows and everything in the house . People stood in front of the house, not knowing what to do. The air and heavy smoke them out, but I heard someone crying in a weak voice. A: What did you do then?

B: I got all wet with some and rushed into the house. A: Did you get out?

B: Yes. It was a little girl. She was then given a aid. When the fire was put out, I found my arms injured.


A: Do you ever eat fast food? B: Yes, I do.

A: What kind of fast food do you usually eat? B: Oh, you know, hamburgers, sandwiches and pizza.

A: OK. And how often do you eat fast food? Every day, more than once a week or than once a week? B: Well, Monday to Friday when I’m working, almost day, but I never have it on A: And what of the day do you eat fast food?

B: Well, at work as I said, you know at lunch time. Sometimes, if I’m going out and I have no time to for myself in the evening, then I’ll buy some fast food.

A: And what do you think of the fast food? Is it really as you said “”? B: Sure, that’s of the main reason that I eat it.

A: Do you often say to your friends that in some way it tastes good? B: Yes, I it’s not as good as the food in restaurants, but it’s not bad. A: Is fast food good for you?

B: No, standing up and eating quickly is a little bad. The food isn’t healthy. You know there’re not enough vegetables and fruit. I am for the convenient meals. In this way I can have more spare time.

8.完成对话。在对话的空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词。请按编号将答案依次填入下边的表格内。(共10小题,每小题1分:计10分) A:Hello, Steve! Where have you been these days? B:Hello, Ben! I stayed at home.

A:I didn’t notice your seat was empty the teacher called names just now. She called your name three

times but replied. B:I’m sorry that I didn’t call the teacher.

A:I heard that you fell when climbing the mountain last weekend.

B:Yes, I did. Last Friday morning, when I started to climb the mountain the weather was fine. As I got

to the top of the mountain, it suddenly . It began to rain heavily and the dropped

a lot.

A:So you’d better at once, for you were cold and wet then.

B:Yes, I did. But walking in the rain was hard for me to keep the of my body. So I had a fall and

hurt my knee on the way back. A:Did you see a doctor?

B:Yes. I still can’t walk as usual, there’s serious. The reason why I have to lie in bed

is my fever that.

9、完成对话。在对话的空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词。请按编号将答案依次填入下边的表格内。(共10小题,每小题1分:计10分) Policeman: Excuse me, madam. Madam: Yes?

P: Would you mid letting me take a _1_ in your bag?

M: What? I’m afraid I will _2_mind if you do so, Now go away. P: I’m afraid I have to do so. It’s my duty in the supermarket, madam. M: Who are you? Go away, _3_I will call the police. P: I am a _4_.Here is my police card.

M: Really? Do you always look into people’s bags if you like?

P: No. I will do so whenever I have a _5_ to believe that there is something in your bag that belongs to someone_6_.

M: What do you mean?

P: Well, perhaps you’ve got _7_that haven’t been paid for in your bag. M:What are you talking about? I’m honest. I won’t let you __8____ my bag.

P: Well, if you are honest, you wouldn’t _9_, would you? So may I look into your bag, madam? I don’t want to do _10_to hurt you.

10. 完成对话。在对话的空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词。请按编号将答案依次填入下边的表格内。(共10小题,每小题1分:计10分)

Police: Miss Snow, can you tell me what happened to you yesterday evening? Miss Snow: I was attacked (攻击) .


Miss Snow: Well, I was so finished it very late in the evening.

Police: What time did you Miss Snow: At a quarter past nine. Police: Are you

Miss Snow: Oh, yes. I wear a watch every day. Police: What did you do then?

Miss Snow: to the first floor. When I got to my car I found that the door of the office. Police: Did you go back then?

when suddenly from behind hit me on the head. Miss Snow: No, it was dark then and he wore a stocking(长筒袜) over his head.


1. come 2. new 3. moved 4. early

5. help 6. ready 7. Who’ll 8. someone(somebody)

二: 1. bought 2. washed 3. wear 4. change 5. money

6.hot 7. looks( seems) 8. instruction( s) 9. before 10. either 三. 1. trees 2.cover 3.like(prefer) 4.tomorrow 5.walking 6.bikes 7.return 8.leave 9.instead 10.shopping 四. 1. something stolen 3. why 4. help 5. Where 6. beginning 7. left 8. followed 9. entered 10. paid 五、1. well 2. hand 3. hardly/ not 4. pain 5. though/although/ but

6. happen 7. make 8. outside 9. fell 10. hospital

六、1.serious 2.hospital 3.burning 4.hot 5.kept

6.inside 7.myself 8.water 9.anyone/anybody 10.first/medical 七、1.less 2.every / each 3.weekend(s) 4.time 5.cook

6.convenient 7.kind / sort 8.mean 9.itself 10.paying 八 1.until 2. nobody 3. nearly 4. changed 5. temperature

6. return 7. balance 8. Though / Although 9. nothing 10. after 九. 1. look 2. surely / certainly 3. or 4. policeman 5. reason 6. else 7. things 8. check / examine 9. mind 10. anything 十l.accident/attack 2.busy 3.break/rest 4.1eave 5.SUre

6.down 7.1ocked 8.key 9.somebody/someone。 10.clearly A卷

26-30 BCBAC 31-35CBCAC 36-40 BCCBA 41-45 CABCB 46-50 BBCAA 51-55CBACB 56-60ACBCC 61-65BAABA 66-70CABAC 71-75ACACC A卷

26-- 30 CADBB 31--35 CCBBA 36-- 40 ABBCB 41-- 46 BBCACA 47--50 CDBA 51-- 55 BACBA 56-- 60 A C B B A 61-- 65 ACACB 66—69 B B A A 70—72 C A B 73—75 A C B

范文六:2012四川成都中考英语试题 投稿:林貯貰

A 卷(共 100 分) A 卷 I(选择题,共 85 分)
第一部分 听力部分 (共 25 小题,计 25 分) 一、听句子,根据所听到的内容选择正确答案。每小题念两遍。 (共 6 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 6 分) 1.A.That’s OK. B.I’m fine,thanks C.How’s it going? Frank? 2.A.I’m fifteen years old. B.Happy New Year! C.I was born on June 5,1997. 3.A.Thank you! B.You are right. C.No, I don’t care. 4.A.That’s wonderful. B.Sorry,I won’t, C.You are welcome. 5.A.It’s my pleasure. B. Have a good trip. C.It doesn’t matter 6.A.Sure,I’d love to. B.Oh.I can’t say it. C.Sure, I dislike it. 二、 听句子。 选择与所听句子内容相符的圈片, 并将代表图片的字母填在答题卡的相应位置。 每小题念两遍。(共 4 小题,每小题 l 分;计 4 分)

7. 8. 9. l0. 三、听对话,根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案。每小题念两遍。(共 l0 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 10 分) 11. A. America. B. Canada. C. Australia. 12. A. At his home, B. At the school. C. In a hospital. 13. A. He doesn't mind them. B. He can't stand them. C. He is interested in them. 14. A. Anna. B. Anna's father. C. Anna's mother. 15. A. Rainy. B. Windy. C. Hot. 16. A. The lions. B. The pandas. C. The tigers. 17. A, The town. B. The City Newspaper. C. The best clothing store in town. 18. A. Across from Lucy's house. B. Across from the library. C. Across from the bank. 19. A. A green sweater. B. A red sweater. C. A white sweater. 20. A, A film star. B. A policeman. C. A musician, 四、听短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。短文念三遍。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分;计 5 分) 21. Who went to Paris for a holiday last week? A. Mr. Smith and his wife, B. Mr. Smith himself C. One of their friends. 22. Why couldn't Kitty go to Paris? A. Beca use she liked crying. B. Because she did n' t like Paris. C. Because she couldn' t stay at a hotel. 23. Where did Kitty stay when Mr. and Mrs. Smith were away? A. In a small village. B. At a hotel. C. At home. 24. How did Mr. Smith get Kitty home?

A. By taxi. B. By car. C. By train. 25. Why was the cat crying on the way back home? A. Because she didn' t know Mr. Smith. B. Because she didn't want to visit Paris. C. Because she made a big mistake. 第二部分基础知识运用(共 40 小题,计 40 分) 五、选择填空。(共 25 小题,每小题 l 分;计 25 分) A.从下面方框中选出与下列各句中画线部分意思相同或相近,并能替换画线部分的选项。 (共 4 小题,每小题 l 分;计 4 分) A. at home B. around C. is good at D. look alter 26. My mother usually goes to work at about 7:30 in the morning, 27. John is a clever boy. He does well in all the subjects, 28. Dave' s father was ill two days ago, so he had to take care of him at home. 29. Last night, Tom was not in. He went to a movie with his friends. B.从各题
的 A、B、C 三个选疆中选择正确答案。(共 l7 小题,每小题 l 分;计 17 分) 30. --Maria, here is my new house. --Wow, you have __ beautiful house ! A. a B. the C. 不填 31. Tom usually goes fishing __ Sunday morning. A. at B. on C. for 32. --Peter, is this your pen? --Yes, it' s __. Many thanks. I looked for it everywhere. A. mine B. me C. I 33. --Where did you go yesterday, Rick? -- I went to see a because I had a cold. A. teacher B. doctor C. reporter 34. Lady Gags is very popular, and she by many boys and girls at school. A. loves B. is loving C. is loved 35. --Excuse me, whose Japanese book is this? --It be Tom ' s. In our class, only he is studying Japanese. A. must B. can't C. would 36. It' s interesting that there are many people speak French in Canada. A. which B. where C. who 37. Parents often ask their kids __ their internet friends because the kids may be in danger. A. to meet B. not to meet C. meeting 38. Look! Peter TV happily, but his parents are busy in the kitche n. A. is watching B. watches C. watched 39. --Hey, Tony, You look so tired today. ---I __ until 12 o' clock last night for the math test. A. woke up B. stayed up C. grew up 40. My cousin knows a lot about geography, __ he is only four years old. A. because B. so C. although 41. Some scientists think that it will take __ of years to make robots do most work for humans. A. hundreds B. hundred C. thousand

42. Please keep quiet, everybody! I have important to tell you. A. nothing B. something C. everything 43. This T-shit is not large enough. Please show me a one, A. large B. larger C. largest 44. --I can' t find Mike. Could you tell me ? --He is in the library. A. what he is B. how he is C. where he is 45. --Jack, let's go to see the movie Harry Potter. -- Oh, I it many times. So I don' t want to see it. A. have seen B. see C. will see 46. --I want to know when Mr. Brown will arrive. --When he , I will tell you. A. will arrive B. arrived C. arrives C.补全对话。根据对话内容,从右边方框中选出适当的选项补全对话。(共 4 小题,每小题 l 分;计 4 分) (S--Sam ; L--Lily) A. That's a good idea. B. Thanks a lot. S: What's the matter with you, Lily? C. I have a sore throat. L: Well, 47 D. It' s not good for your throat. S: Bad luck. You should drink some tea with honey. L: 48 S: And don't eat French fries these days. L: I guess I won' t. S: You shouldn't speak too much. 49 L: I guess I won' t. S: You shouldn't speak mo much. 49 L: You are very kind. You have given me so many good suggestions. S: I hope you will fell better soon. L: 50 六、完形填空。分别通读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容,从 A、B、C 三个选项中选出可以 填入空白处的正确答案。(共 15 小题,每小题 l 分;计 15 分) A Thanks for joining our TV show Tour in Australia. Now, we are in the beautiful city-Sydney. The sky is blue and it is 51 today. There are many people here on vacation. Some are taking photos. Othe
r's are 52 in the sea. Now we can see a group of people 53 beach volleyball. They look cool. I' m surprised that 54 can play in this heat. This is a very interesting 55 . Here, people are completely( 完全地) relaxed. 51. A. rainy B. sunny C. cloudy 52. A. sleeping B. flying C. swimming 53. A. playing B. played C. to play 54. A. they B. you C. nobody 55. A. sun B. sky C. place B

When many people from other countries come to America for the first time, they meet ma ny difficulties. They can't speak much English, and they don't know much 56 America. Sometimes, they make mistakes. Sally 57 to America from Korea years ago. Because her English wasn' t good, she was afraid to ask the ways. So she usually 58 find the places in America. Then she hoped she could see something that she knew, 59 she couldn' t. Then she began to cry and miss her own country because she 60 had this kind of problems in Korea. She could find the places easily in 61 . Little Henry came to America from Thailand with his parents. He didn' t know 62 to pat the money into an American bank at first. When he grew 63 and knew more English, he finally put the money into an American bank successfully (成功地). There 64 many other things about America, and the people from other 65 can' t understand those things when they come to America for the first time. They need to learn more. 56. A. at B. about C. for 57. A. wrote B. talked C. came 58. A. can B. could C. couldn't 59. A. but B. or C. so 60. A. usually B. never C. always 61. A. America B. Korea C. Thailand 62. A. how B. what C. where 63. A. thinner B. older C. heavier 64. A. is B. was C. are 65. A. countries B. families C. banks 第三部分 阅读理解(共 l0 小题,计 20 分) 七、阅读下面短文,根据短文内容判断句子的正误。正确的涂“A”,错误的涂“B” 。(共 4 小题,每小题 2 分;计 8 分) Soccer is one of the most popular sports in our modern world. But many years ago, each country had its own kind of soccer game with its own hales. In 1863, a group 0f people met in England. They made some changes (改变) to the game. They made one set of new rules for every country to follow. After that, soccer teams from dif ferent countries could play against each other. Some of the rules are still the same today. Now teams from all over the world take part in the World Cup every four years. It' s one of the most important things for all soccer fans. 66. Soccer is the only popular sport in our modem world. 67. After 1863, soccer teams from different coup, tries could play against each other. 68. Today, the World Cup is one of the most important things for all soccer fans in the world. 69. The topic of this articl e is about the World Cup. 八、阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。(共 6 小题,每小题 2 分;计 l2 分) A The Post Office is Closed on November 25. Thursday, November 25, is a holiday. The post office will open again on Friday, November 26.

ours Monday ~Friday: Saturday: Sunday and Holidays: 8:00 a.m. ~5:00 p.m. 9:00 a. m. -1:00 p.m. CLOSED

70. On Saturday, the post office is only open for hours. A. three B. four C, five 71. Why is the post office closed on November 25? A. Because it's a holiday. B. Because it's a weekend. C. Because it' s Sunday. 72. If Mr. Black wants to send a letter at 9: 30 a.m., he can go to the post office on . A. Sunday, November 28 B. Saturday, November 27 C. Friday, November 26 B Dear grandpa, May 27, 2012 I'd like to tell you something about my life in China. During weekdays, I study in a middle school in Shangh ai. We have Chinese lessons in the morning and I do my homework in the evening. On weekends, I stay with a Chinese family, do Chinese kung fu and visit interesting places. Today my Chinese father is busy working on the computer, and my Chinese mother is doing some shopping in the city center. I' m sitting in the park now. It’s a lovely day here. I hope you and ray grandma are having a good day in Toronto, too. Love, Betty 73. Betty wrote about her life in China to __. A. her Chinese parents B. her grandfather C. h er own parents 74. In Shanghai, Betty did her homework . A. in the morning B. in the evening C. on weekends 75. While Betty was in the park, her Chinese mother was . A. doing some shopping B. sitting in the park C, working on the computer A 卷Ⅱ(非选择题,共 l5 分) 注意事项:A 卷 Il 和 B 卷用 0.5 毫米黑色的签字笔直接在答题卡上作答。 九、从方框中选择恰当的短语,用其正确形式填空,完成句子。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 5 分) turn down be friendly to in fact come from day off 76. Koalas are lazy animals and they Australia. 77. Would you mind the music a little? Morn is sleeping now. 78. I like different kinds of meat. ,I have beef, mutton, chicken and fish every week. 79. On our next , we will volunteer our time to visit the old people' s home . 80. Tony everyone and many people like making friends with him. 十、看图填空,一空一词(含缩写词)。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分;计 5 分)

81. What time is it now? It' s o' clock in the . 82. How' s the weather? a day. 83. Where are these people? They are at a 84. Is the place in this picture a busy and crowded one? No, it __, because only persons are there. 85. What do you think they are doing? I think they are a bus. 十一、根据句意和所给首字母填写单词。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分;计 5 分) 86. Jane can play the piano, but she can't play it well. She n to practice more. 87. I really like sports. I want to join a sports c 88. Bob was very s two year's ago. Now he is tall, and he's the tallest in his class. 89. Yesterday evening, Mary t a walk with her mother after dinner. 90. My sister studies h , and she usually gets good grades in exams. B 卷(共 50 分) 一、完成对话。在对话空格中填上适当的单词,使对话完整正确。一空一词(含缩写词)。 (
共 l0 小题,每小题 l 分;计 l0 分) ( D--David ; N--Nick) D : My father is a soldie r, so he wasn' t at home much when I was young. I 1 saw him at home. N: Did you miss him? 13: I don't think I 2 . When he was at home, he always made me do things like cleaning my shoes or 3 breakfast. My mother usually did al1 of the housework 4 when he wash' t at home. N: Now you both seem so close!

D: Well, one thing 5 me how much he loved me and helped me understand him better. N : What 6 ? D : One day in December last year, I was looking for my Christmas presents. I wanted to see th em before Christmas Day. I went quietly into my 7 bedroom and looked under the bed. I didn’t find any presents, but 8 , I found a photo album. N : So? D : To my surprise, t he photos inside were all of 9 . And they were all carefully kept. On the back of one photo there were some words written by my father, 。(共 5 小题,每小题 l 分; 计 5 分) The earth is about 4,600 million years old. We humans have lived on the earth for only 35,000 years, but during this period we have changed our planet a lot in many ways. 1 All over the world, people have cut down millions of trees, so more and more kind s of animals and plants are disappearing. In big cities, cars and buses have polluted the air. Factories have also polluted the land and the water. 2 It is important to the earth. But now air pollution is destroying it and that has made a very big hole in the ozone layer (臭氧层). 3 This is very dangerous because it can

cause cancer. Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air has increased a lot. 4 it has formed a S 小题,每小题 2 分;计 10 分) 1.直到最近阅读了一篇医学研究报告,小王才知道他应当远离像汉堡包那样的垃圾食品。 (until; stay away from) 2.汤姆上学期对如何提高英语写作质量给我提出了一条具体建议,但没起作用。(help) 3.玛丽的父亲过去总是很忙,对她怎样学习和生活的关心太少。(used to ;so…that)

4,李芳喜欢和班上所有的同学在一起,而从不呆在仅有几个好友的小圈子里。(company) 5.二班学生的姓名和爱好都列在这张表格中,从中你可看出音乐迷占到该班的四分之三。 (1ist;make up) 五、书面表达。(计 l0 分) 英语课上,我们时常进行小组活动。但如何能让这种活动帮助我们把英语学得更好?现 在,请根据以下要点,以“How Can Group Activities Help Us Study English Better?”为题,写 一篇英语短文,谈谈自己的看法。 1) 活动的任务及完成方式要明确; 2)小组内要有不同的角色分工、要合作; 3)教师的必要帮助; 4)活动结果要在班上分享。 注意:1)短文题目已经给出,不计入总调数(80~100 词); 2)短文必须包括提示,要点和恰当的结尾 3)文中不碍出现师生的真实姓名帮所在学校的名称。 参考词汇: cooperate vi. 合作 role n. 角色 share vt. 分享 How Can Group Activities Help Us Study English Better?

答案: 1-5 BCACB 6-10 ACADB 11-15 ABBAC 16-20 BCBAB 21-25 ACABA 26-30 BCDAA 31-35 BABCA 36-40 CBABC 41-45 ABBCA 46-50 CCADB 51-55 BCAAC 56-60 BCCAB 61-65 BABCA 76. come from 77.turning down 78. In fact 79.day off 80. is friendly to 81. ten/ 10, morning 82.It’s, fine/ sunny 83. bus, stop 84. isn’t, three/ 3 85. waiting, for 86.needs 87. club 88. short 89. took 90. hard B卷 一、 hardly 2. did 1. 3. making/ cooking 4. alone/ herself 5. showed 6. happened 7. parents’ 8.instead 9. me 10. leave 二、1. suddenly 2. funny 3. common 4. same 5. themselves 6.before 7. affect 8. researchers 9. to compare 10. findings 三、A. 1-5 CDBEA B. 6.Advantages 7. helpful to each other 8. each other (be) rich 9. Choosing friends/ Two types of friendship 10. the first type of friendship 四、 1.Xiao Wang didn’t know (that) he should stay away from the junk food like hamburgers until he read a medical research report recently. 2. Last term/ semester, Tom gave me a special suggestion( a piece of specific advice) on/ about how to improve the quality of English writing, but it didn’t help. 3. Mary’s father used to be so busy that he cared little about how she studied and lived. 4. Li Fang enjoys/likes the com pany of all her classmates and never stays in a small circle of only a few good friends. 5. The names and hobbies of students in Class Two are listed in the form, from which/ and from it you can see/ find that the music fans makeup three quarters of the class. 五、

范文七:2014成都中考英语提高训练9 投稿:夏缶缷


16. Please tell ________ your telephone number.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

17. –Oh, no. Where is my purse?

-Don‘t worry. I saw _______ black one in the drawer. Is it yours?

A. a B. the C. this D. that

18. Sally shut the door heavily and started to cry. No one knew _______ she was so angry.

A. when B. why C. how D. who

19. –Will Mary go to the movie with us?

-I don‘t think so. She _______ to go shopping.

A. decides B. decided C. will decide D. has decided

20. You may write to me or come to see me. _______ way will do.

A. All B. Both C. One D. Either

21. –Would you like some more noodles?

-No, thanks. I _______.

A. don‘t want to B. can‘t eat C. am not hungry D. I‘m full

22. –How often do you visit your grandparents?

- _______.

A. Five days B. Once a month C. In a week D. About five days

23. You can‘t wake up a person _______ is pretending to be asleep.

A. who B. which C. he D. that

24. –I don‘t have a partner to practice English _______.

-Maybe you should join an English club.

A. to B. for C. with D. by

25. They will lose the game _______ they try their best.

A. unless B. once C. since D. after

26. –Taking a walk after supper is really a good _______.

-So it is. It keeps us healthy.

A. style B. habit C. hobby D. rule

27. –Darling, how many flights are leaving for Beijing on Sunday morning?

-Wait a minute. Let me _______ in the schedule(时刻表).

A. look at it B. look for it C. look it down D. look it up

28.-It‘s the museum! So you _______ know smoking is not allowed here.

-Terribly sorry.

A. must B. will C. can D. may

29. I didn‘t see Laura at the party last night. Do you know _______?

A. why didn‘t she come B. what happened

C. when would she arrive D. where she has been

30. –The dish is delicious!

-Well, at least it‘s _______ the one I cooked yesterday.

A. as good as B. more than C. as well as D. the best of

21.You can believe him. He is _________ honest man.

A. A. / B. a C. the D. an

22.Last month a new kind of electric car was produced in Zhengzhou. Its highest _________ can reach 120 kilometres an hour.

A. time B. size C. speed D. height

23.Ninety-six people lost their lives in a plane crash on April 10th, 2010, _________the Polish president and his wife.

A. except B. beyond C. between D. including

24. I think __________ people will go to Shanghai for the EXPO 2010.

A. million of B. millions of C. two millions of D. two millions

25.You'd better do it by yourself. _________else can help you.

A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Everybody D. Nobody

26.Jim is very popular in our class because he is _________clever ____________helpful. A. not only; but also B. either; or C. neither; nor D. too; to

27.--I hear 115 workers were saved after 8 days and nights' hard work.


A. How amazing B. What amazing C. How amazed D. What amazed

28.If you take this new type of train to Xi'an, it will _________ you only two hours to get there.

A. cost B. pay C. spend D. take

29.--Listen! Is Mary playing the piano in the room?

--No. It ________ be Mary. She has gone to Hong Kong.

A. may not B. needn't C. can't D. mustn't

A. --What's wrong with you? You look very tired.

--I ___________ late to study for the English test last night.

A. stayed up B. fixed up C. cheered up D. looked up

31.Zhengzhou will be more and more convenient when Zhengzhou Subway_____ in two years.

A. is completed B. will be completed C. will complete D. has completed

32.When I meet difficulties, my mother always tells me __________ in myself and not to give up.

A. believe B. to believe C. believing D. believed

33.-Kate dances so well. Has she ever been trained?

--No. He learns all by herself. She ______ goes to any training class.

A. usually B. often C. never D. even

34.Have you heard of Zhai Mo ______became the first Chinese person to travel around the world in a sailboat?

A. that B. whose C. which D. whom

35.-- Can you tell me __________________?

--Sure. For two years.

A.when you bought this MP5 B. how long you have had this MP5 C. how soon you will buy a new MP5 D. where you bought this MP5

二.21-25DCDBC 26-30ABDCA 31-35ABCAB


An old woman has two large pots, one on each end of a pole(扁担). She carried the pole with the pots(壶)___31___ her neck.

One of the pots had a crack(裂缝)in it while the other pot was perfect and always filled a full pot of water. At the end of the long ___32___ from the well(井)to the house, the cracked pot ___33___ only half-full left.

For two years this happened daily, with the woman bringing home only ___34____ pots of water. Of course, the perfect pot was ___35___. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection.

One day, the cracked pot spoke to the woman ___36___ the well:‖ I am ashamed of myself because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your ___37___.‖

The old woman smiled:‖ Did you notice that there are ___38___ on your side of the path, but not on ___39___ pot‘s side? That‘s because I have ___40___ known about your crack, so I ___41___ flower seeds(籽)on your side of the path. And every day while we walk back, you ___42___ them.‖ She added, ― For ___43___ years I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate(装饰)the table. Without you, being just the ___44___ you are, I would not have this beauty.‖

Each of us has our own cracks. But it‘s these ___45___ that make our lives together so interesting and meaningful.

31. A. cross B. across C. past D. through

32. A. travel B. ride C. walk D. trip

33. A. arrived B. held C. reached D. meant

34. A. one or two B. one and a half C. two D. half and one

35. A. proud B. sad C. happy D. worried

36. A. with B. from C. by D. in

37. A. field B. side C. well D. house

38. A. seeds B. pots C. plants D. flowers

39. A. other B. the other C. another D. others

40. A. never B. ever C. always D. often

41. A. took B. made

42. A. water B. see

43. A. many B. a few

44. A. road B. side

45. A. decorations B. seeds


阅读理解 C. planted C. visit C. two C. path C. flowers D. kept D. understand D. three D. way D. cracks (A)

When we talk about stars, especially women stars ,it seems that they are always young, pretty and own charming (迷人的)body shapes. But recently a Britain‘s Got Talent(英国达人)star Susan Boyle has changed our views absolutely (完全地).

Simon Cowell, one of the judges of the talent show spoke of his shock over Ms Boyle‘s voice. ―This lady camp up ,and I‘m thinking, ‗This will take five seconds and I can go to have a cup of tea. That changed when she began to sing I Dreamed to Dream from Les Miserables. She knew we were going to have that reaction and just to see that look of satisfaction on her face widway through –it was one of my favorite moments,‖ Cowell said. all over the world.

Speaking from her home in Scotland, Ms Boyle said that she hasn‘t thought of changing her appearance. She said that her friend helped her with make-up. ―I mean, that‘s hardly a makeover,‖ she added.

Ms Boyle also spoke of the reason she first began to explore her vocal talents, ―I was kind of slow at school, so getting like singing was a good way of hiding behind that and thus it built my confidence.‖

( ) 56.Susan Boyle is _________

A. a judge B. a reporter C. a beautiful D. a Scottish woman

( ) 57.Susan Boyle had a look of satisfaction on her face when she was singing because______.

A. she was confident of her singing

B. she was satisfied with the judges

C. she was pretty and in good shape

D. she sang the song I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables

( ) 58. What is the meaning of the word of ―‖

A. 表演. B. 外表 C. 演唱 D. 节目

( )59. According to the passage, which is NOT true?

A. It was the vocal talents that built Susan‘s confidence

B. Susan Boyle was not good at her lesson when at school.

C. Susan Boyle became famous because of her appearance.

D. Simon Cowell didn‘t think Susan Boyle a good singer at the first sight.

( )60. What can we learn from Susan Boyle‘s success?

A. It‘s never too old to learn. B. It‘s easier to succeed at the age of 47.

C. If you have a dream, try to make it come true!

D. If you are not able to study well, to be a singer instead.


Think of life as a game in which you are playing with five balls in the air. You name them work, family, health, friends and spirit (精神) and you keep all of them in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce (弹跳) back.

But the other four balls, family, health, friends and spirit, are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be broken. They will never be the same. You must understand that and try to have balance in your life. How?

Don‘t look down on your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different and each of us is special.

Don‘t let other people set goals for you. Only you know what is best for yourself.

Don‘t give up when you

Don‘t be afraid of difficulties. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.

Don‘t shut love out of your life by saying it‘s impossible. The quickest way to receive love is to give it; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly (紧紧地); the best way to keep love is to give it wings.

Don‘t run through life so fast that you forget not only where you‘ve been, but also where you are going. Don‘t be afraid to learn. Knowledge is a treasure (珍宝) you can always carry easily.

Don‘t use time or words carelessly. You can‘t get them back. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery (秘密), and today is a gift; that‘s why we call it ―the present‖. Life is not a competition, but a trip, step by step.

( ) 61. The passage tells us not to _________ because everyone is special.

A. be afraid of difficulties

B. be afraid to learn

C. run through life so fast

D. compare yourself with others to look down on your worth

( ) 62. The sentence ― ‖ means that


A. Nothing is possible B. If we don‘t give up, there is always hope

C. You should learn to give up D. Although you try, nothing will change.

( ) 63.Why can‘t we use time carelessly? ___________

A. Because time is too expensive. B. Because time never returns.

C. Because we are too poor. D. Because times will get back.

( ) 64. If you run through life so fast, you will ____________.

A. lose your own treasure that you can always carry easily

B. lose love by holding it too tightly

C. forget not only where you‘ve been, but also where you are going.

D. not afraid of the difficulties

( ) 65.According to the passage, which is the best title? ___________

A. Nothing is impossible. B. Glass balls are easy to be broken. C. Things you can‘t do. D. Treat your life in a right way.

56—60. DAACA 61—65. DBBCD


Most people have their own favourite action star, but did you know that the people you see doing most of the exciting things are not the movie stars? Most movie actors use stunt people (特技表演者) for action scenes with fights, fires, falls and other dangerous activities.[来源:学科网ZXXK]

Who are stuntmen or stuntwomen? They are well-trained people. They have studied sports like

or kung fu, and they are in excellent physical condition. They have also learned to use special equipment (设备) to help them with the stunts. One example of this is the Russian swing (秋千跳水). It can help a stunt person fly over a house.

There are, however, some actors who do their own stunts and who have done stunts for other actors. One of these actors is Jackie Chan. In 1971, he was a stuntman for Bruce Lee. He can do stunts and act because he has studied music, drama and kung fu since he was six. Since 1980, Jackie has often used kung fu and his comedy into his movies, and has achieved his own special style. Jackie even won an award at the World Stunt Awards show in 2002.[来源:学科网]

So the next time when you watch an action movie, be sure to look carefully at the actor doing the dangerous scenes. It might not be the star.

30. What is the passage mainly about?

A. Jackie Chan. B. Stunt people. C. Movie stars. D. Russian swing.[来源:学科网]

31. Which of the following isn‘t necessary for a stuntman?

A. To study gymnastics. B. To learn kung fu.

C. To be in good health. D. To learn drama and music.

32. What‘s Jackie Chan‘s special style?

A. He does stunts for himself and other actors.

B. He has studied music, arts and drama.

C. He has worked as a successful stuntman.

D. He has put Chinese kung fu into his comedy.

33. Which of the following is WRONG according to the passage?

A. Stunt people do all of the exciting and dangerous things.

B. The world Stunt Awards show is held for stunt people.

C. Stunt people are well-trained before they start their work.

D. Movies with fights, fires and falls may need stunt people.

34. What‘s the Chinese meaning of the word ―gymnastics‖?

A. 下棋 B. 弹琴 C. 体操 D. 绘画


When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pop star. 60. __________. You get to sing and dance and make moves. People are willing to pay you money and, of course,many fans love you. However, what could be the problems of a pop star?

61. __________. And one of the biggest problems is ―crazy‖ fans who love their idols(偶像) too much. Andy Lau, the Hong Kong superstar, experienced that last year. A fan was so crazy about Andy that she persuaded her parents to spend all of their money and travel to Hong Kong to meet him. Andy is a nice man so he met the girl and talked with her for a few minutes.

62. __________. The family used up their savings and had no money to return home. In despair(绝望), the father even jumped into the sea. It‘s a very sad story and it shows what can happen to pop stars.

We like famous persons, and we enjoy listening to them. Sometimes we think we know them as much as our closest friends. But pop stars have their own personal lives. They have their own families and friends.

63. __________, just appreciate the joy, the happiness and the entertainment that your favorite pop star brings you.




参考词汇:be good for, with friends, save

61. 参考范文

I think going to school on foot is good for us. First of all, walking to school is a wonderful way to exercise and it‘s good for health. Next, it‘s fun to walk together with friends every day. We can talk about something interesting and know each other better. What‘s more, if we walk, our parents won‘t have to drive us to school. There will be fewer cars in the city. More walking and less driving helps to make our city cleaner. The streets won‘t be as crowded as they are now. I hope more and more students will go to school on foot.

范文八:2014成都中考英语真题及答案 投稿:郑毤毥

2014 成都中考英语试题



B) 从各题的A、B、C 三个选项中选出正确答案。

30. Gina, what’s this _______ English?

A. by B. for C. in

31. I’m going to be _______ basketball player.

A. the B. a C. an

32. Students in Class One _______ the museum next Friday.

A. visited B. visit C. will visit

33. Don’t worry. We have _______ food in the fridge now.

A. much B. many C. little

34. ---Which month of the year do you like?

---July, the _______ month because summer vacation begins in this month.

A. second B. seventh C. ninth

35. Mum wants to watch the CCTV news. Let’s _______ the TV.

A. turn down B. turn on C. turn off

36. Alice has a red pen, and the blue one is _______, too.

A. his B. her C. hers

37. Li Ke _______ runs in the morning, for he wants to be healthy.

A. never B. often C. hardly

38. Kate, remember _______ for the sick to cheer them up.

A. to sing B. not to sing C. singing

39. ---Mr. King _______ by the reporter yesterday.

---He’s great! He helped so many disabled people.

A. was interviewed B. is interviewed C. is interviewing

40. ---Excuse me, do you know _______?

---About five minutes’ walk.

A. where the hospital is B. how far the hospital is C. how I can get to the hospital

41. _______ I am in trouble, my classmates will help me out.

A. Before B. Whenever C. Although

42. ---Hate cannot drive out hate; only love _______ do that.

---Martin Luther King, Jr.

A. can B. which C. should

43. I like the writers _______ are popular among teenagers.

A. who B. which C. whom

44. It is _______ to do things well than do big things poorly.

A. worse B. funnier C. better

45. ----Can she play the guitar or the violin?

---_______. But she can play the drums.

A. Both B. Either C. Neither

46. Confucius once said, “Everything has beauty, _______ not everyone sees it.”

A. but B. or C. and

C) 补全对话

David: Excuse me.

Waitress: Yes? ___47____

David:I ordered my dish half an hour ago, but I haven’t got it yet.

Waitress: ___48____ I’m going to see if it’s ready.

(The waitress comes back from the kitchen)

Waitress: Sir, I’ve just checked with the kitchen and your food will come up next…___49____ David:Thank you.

Waitress: Please enjoy your food. Again, I’m sorry that I have kept you waiting so long.


47. _______ 48. _______ 49. _______ 50. _______



There are many problems between parents and their children. Some parents don’t understand their 51 _______, and many of them even argue with each other. If I am a parent, how will I 52_______ my child? Well, I think there are many ways.

53_______, I’ll encourage my child to do things he or she likes. The things should be good 54_______ him or her. If it is not good for my child, I’ll talk to him or her about the disadvantage of the thing in a 55_______ way.

Second, I will always take pride in everything good that my child 56_______. For example, if he or she gets good grades, I’ll say something like 57_______, “Well done! I’m very proud of you.”These words will both make my child and me very 58_______.

Third, I will spend 59 _______ time staying with my child than my parents did with me. I’ll chat and go shopping with my child.

I am 60_______ these things will make parents and their kids get on well.

51. A. classmates B. kids C. friends

52. A. give lessons to B. get along with C. talk to

53. A. First B. Next C. Later

54. A. for B. about C. before

55. A. silent B. lazy C. patient

56. A. will do B. is doing C. has done

57. A. it B. this C. them

58. A. happy B. strange C. sad

59. A. little B. less C. more

60. A. afraid B. sure C. surprised


Math is one of the most boring classes for many students. But recently, at the University of

California in the US, a 61 _______ class got 400 students interested. There were even another 35 62_______ from behind windows.

63 _______ could make a boring subject so interesting? Terence Tao, the 31-year-old university teacher, is known as “the Mozart of Math”. Tao, born in Hong Kong, spent his childhood in Australia. He showed his great 64_______ in math when he was very young. At the age of two, he could read. At nine, he went to college math classes. At twenty, he got his doctor’s degree(博士学位). Last summer, Tao 65_______ a Fields Medal which is known as the “Nobel Prize of Math”. 66_______ he was talented, Terence Tao didn’t go to college until he was fourteen. “In my opinion. It’s not 67_______ to go to college too young. ” said Tao. He added, “68_______, studying is like building a large tower. It must have a strong base(基础). Then it can be built together.”

People don’t think Tao is 69_______ the rest of us. He wears a T-shirt and an old pair of sports shoes. He reads Japanese comic books, too. But he 70_______ loves math. “In many ways, my work is my hobby.”He said.

61. A. math B. music C. Japanese

62. A. passing B. watching C. shouting

63. A. What B. Which C. Who

64. A. talent B. importance C. need

65. A. made B. won C. found

66. A. If B. Although C. Because

67. A. necessary B. convenient C. difficult

68. A. So far B. At times C. In fact

69. A. the same as B. different from C. similar to

70. A. even B. also C. still

第三部分 阅读理解

七、阅读下面短文,根据短文内容判断句子的正误。正确的涂A, 错误的涂B.

72. Take off your shoes in public places.

73. Cutting in line and littering are not allowed.

74. It’s impolite to talk loudly on mobile phones.

75. We are supposed to eat quietly and talk politely.


A. Li Fei B. Lu Mei C. Sandy

77. Where has the writer booked a room?

A. on Nanjing Road B. in Yu Garden C. in the Place Hotel

78. we can learn from the letter that the writer _______ Shanghai.

A. has never visited B. once visited C. often visits

79. when will the writer look around Shanghai?

A. On March 27 B. On March 28 C. On March 29

80. the most important purpose of writing the letter is to _______.

A. ask for a tour plan. B. ask for a reply C. say hello to Lu Mei


Mr. Smith is telling two funny stories of his police work.

Story A

I remember catching a “thief” in a clothes shop once. It was strange. The man was hiding a yellow sweater inside his coat. I thought he had stolen it, so I caught him. We found later that his wife gave him the sweater for his birthday, but he hated it. He just wanted to return it to the shop for money, but he didn’t want his wife to see him! We soon let him go.

Story B

Another day, a man called Bob went into a bank on Sixth Street. He wrote on the back of an envelope, “Give me the money! Or I will kill you.” and gave it to the bank clerk. She gave him $100,000 and the man ran away. Then we received a phone call from the bank clerk. She told us to go to the man’s house in Candy Town and get him. We caught him as soon as he got out of the elevator. He couldn’t believe that we found him so quickly. We told him that the front of the envelop he used had his name and address on it!

81. what does Mr. Smith do?

A. A bank clerk B. A policeman C. A thief

82. Mr. Smith caught the man in the clothes shop _______.

A. by exchange B. by mistake C. by accident

83. Why did the man return the sweater to the shop?

A. Because he didn’t want his wife to see it.

B. Because he liked money more than sweater.

C. Because he hated it and wanted to get the money back.

84. Bob was caught so quickly because _______.

A. his address was found on the envelop he used

B. he received a phone call from the bank clerk

C. the police waited for him outside the elevator

85. what do you think of Bob?

A. He is brave B. He is careful C. He is careless

B 卷


A: I saw the “Two rooms to rent” not on the wall outside your house. Hope I’m coming to a

1_______ place.

B: Yes, you are. We do have two rooms for rent. You are an official clerk, aren’t you?

A: No, I work at a school. How much do you rent them for?

B: No 2_______. I need to ask you some questions now. Are you 3_______?

A: No.

B: Well, I prefer 4_______ like you to live with us.

A: Really? This room faces north with a view of the hill. Not bad. But I’m afraid it’s not big

enough to be a living room for me.

B: Why? If you know how to make use of it, there’s plenty of 5_______ here for a single like


A: That sounds reasonable. Then how much should I pay you?

B: Three hundred dollars a month. How about it?

A: You’ve asked too much. Could you cut 6_______ a little?

B: I’m sorry. At present, the cost of 7_______ keeps increasing.

A: All right. Can I move in right away?

B: Of course. Have you got heavy things to move in?

A: No, 8_______ a piano, for I am a music teacher.

B: Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t _______ you have the two rooms. My neighbors and I can’t stand 10_______ of any kind.


Look at the picture, what do you see?

1_______, some people say it’s an old man, while others say it’s a

young woman and an old 2_______. It is a problem with many answers.


When you look at a problem from different views, you get

different answers. Just turn it in your mind 3_______ bit, and you may

see it in a completely new way.

Some people only form an idea in their mind “a problem only has

only on answer, and all the 4_______ are wrong.”Some even laugh at

the different answers others come up with. Well, they are wrong! If people only believed in one answer, we might still think the world is square(方形的)!

What’s one plus one? That’s easy, two! Right? Well, that’s one right answer, but not the only answer. You might think of 11, or some 5_______ characters like “二” or “十”! what’s a mom plus a dad? You might think of two people, or a man and a woman, or a whole family! So, even the 6_______ questions can have many answers.

Of course, some problems do only have one answer. If each of the questions in a math test had 7_______ than one answer, it would be quite a problem for teachers 8_______.

Look at things in different ways, face your life with a 9_______ mind, and you will see a completely different world.

After reading my article, if I ask you again: “what do you see in this picture?” will you still


A) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出适当的选项补全短文,并将选项的编号字母依次填入题号后横线上。

A recent survey has shown that China is considered to be the most “industrious” nation in the world. 1. _______.

The survey---with more than 8,000 people surveyed from Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, the UK and the US---ranks their “industriousness”(勤奋度), which describes the level to which a country is “hard-working, creative in producing new ideas or products.”

According to the international survey, 2_______, followed by workers from Germany and the US. Employees from a France are considered to be the laziest people

in the world. German employees replied confidently to the survey, placing themselves first in the order of global industriousness. French employees, on the other hand, seem to know their limitations (能力局限), 3_______.

AGerman newspaper reported that Chineseemployees work on average 44.6 hours per week, 4_______.

5. _______, Chinese employees have only ten days of paid leave on average, while German employees have twenty-five days.

Industriousness rankings: China, Germany, the US, Canada, India, the UK, Netherlands,

B. 阅读下面短文,根据其内容,补全表格中所缺信息,请将答案按编号依次填入表格内的题号后横线上。

The life difference between east and west, rich and poor becomes clear when we look at how the kids sleep at night.

Jyoti, aged 14, Nepal

Jyoti left school at a young age and now lives with one of her sisters in the Nepalese countryside where she works on the farm. The family sleep on mats on the mud floor in the open air, with an open fire for cooking and keeping warm. Jyoti loves dancing and she wants to become a dancer to make money for her family.

Tzvika, aged 12, West Bank(约旦河西岸), Israel

Tzvika lives in a gated community(社区) of 36,000 Orthodox Jews in an Israeli settlement(定居点) on the West Bank. Televisions and newspapers are not allowed from the settlement. The average family has nine children, but Tzvika has just two brothers, with whom he shares his room. Religion(宗教) is the most important subject, followed by Hebrew language and math. Sport is not allowed in the school. Tzvika wants to be a learned man when he grows up.

Lamine, aged 12, Bounk Village, South Africa

Lamine studies at the local all-boy Koran school and shares a room with several other schoolmates. His day starts at six o’clock when he and the other boys work on the school farm with the guide of teachers, and in the afternoon the boys study the Koran(可兰经). In his free time, Lamine likes to play football with his friends and when he grows up he would like to teach in this school.

Ahkoxet, aged 15, River Amazon, Brazil

Ahkoxet IS A MEMBER OF THE Kraho tribe(部落) living near the river of amazon. There are only 1,900 members of the tribe. All the tribe members grow and hunt their own food, and any other material they need is bought, using money made from film companies and photographers who visit their camp. He dreams to be head of the tribe when he grows up.

Jasmine, aged 14, Kentucky, the US

Jasmine lives in a big house with her parents and three brothers in the Kentucky countryside. Her father works as a railroad engineer. Her bedroom is filled with her favorite toys and her wardrobe is filled with her dresses, for she normally gets two new dresses every month. She enjoys being treated like a princess, having her hair done and wearing pretty clothes and make-up

and would like to be a rock star when she grows up.


你即将升入高中,面临寄宿(a boarding school)和走读(a day school)两类学校的选择。请你以“a boarding school or a day school?”为标题,写一篇80-120词的短文,内容必须包括:

1. 读寄宿学校的利和弊各一点

2. 读走读学校的利和弊各一点

3. 你的选择和理由(理由不得与上述两点内容重复)

注意:1. 短文必须包括所有要点

2. 可根据内容要点适当添加有关细节,使行文连贯

3. 书写规范,卷面整洁


范文九:中考英语完成句子 投稿:萧礸礹





1. 毕竟,这个孩子太小还不能上学。

After all, the kid is young go to school.

2. 他来自中国。He China.

3. 我的梦想会实现的。

4. 她过去靠卖书为生。 on selling books.

6. 我家离学校不远。My home isn’t the school.

7. 我长大后想成为一名老师。I would like to .

8. 我每天都过得很愉快。I every day.

9. 我乐于和别人交朋友。I with others.

10. 我一点都不喜欢抽烟。I don’t like smoking .

11. 从今以后,我不但要更加努力学习还要尽力取得更好的成绩。

, I not only study but also get better grades.

12. 我们一做完饭就应该把火灭掉。

We should the fire as soon as we finish .

13. 我以前在电脑游戏上花费了很多时间以至于我在学习上失去了兴趣。

I used to spend so time computer games that I lost interest in study.


1. 明天我一到美国就给你打电话。

I will as soon as I 2. 我很高兴照顾我喜欢的人。I am glad to the people who I .

3. 在我回家的路上,我碰见了我的老朋友。

I came across home.

My parents go to bed every day.

5. 我恭喜你取得很大进步。I congratulate6. 我害怕与他相处不好。I am afraid to him.

7. 我和我的朋友们玩得很高兴。I with my friends.

8. 我很高兴收到你的来信。I am glad to 9. 我的父母总是叫我别嘲笑别人。

My parents always tell me not to others.

10. 她总是一见到我就做鬼脸。She always as soon as she sees me.

11. 他既不喜欢游泳也不喜欢跑步。He likes swimming .

12. 我过去常挨着他坐。I used to sit him.

13. 他学习不如我努力。He doesn’t study hard I.

4. 每天直到我回来,我父母才睡觉。

14. 当然,我们应该与别人和睦相处。

Of course, we should others.


1. 就我所知,北京因它悠久的历史和丰富的文化而闻名于世。

As far as I know, Beijing is its long history and rich culture.

2. 我们应该阻止人们砍伐树木。

We should people fromdown trees. We should do our best to stop animals from . 3. 我们应该尽力阻止动物灭绝。

4. 每天做扫除很必要。It’s to do some every day.

5. 总之,保护环境对我们来说很重要。

, it’s very important for us to protect the 6. 为什么不尽早拯救在危险中的动物呢?

Why not save the animal as early as possible?

7. 我认为回收废纸取代扔掉它更好。

I think it’s better to recycle waste paper throwing it away.

8. 我想要大家都加入到环境项目中来。

I would like everyone to 9. 我们应该不断关注我们的环境。

We should taking care of our environment.


1. 我妈妈昨天给我买了几本书。

a few books me yesterday.

2. 请你递给我一点儿水好吗?Could you please pass me water?

3. 他上周借给我许多书。He a of books to me last week.

4. 今天上午我们老师告诉过我们一则好消息。

Our teacher us a of good news this morning.

5. 老师一进来我们就停止说话了.

We stopped as soon as in.

6. 为什么不切断煤气呢?Why not7. 在日常生活中,我们不得不处理各种问题。

We have to all kinds of problems in our 8. 你要么呆在家里要么去上学。You go to school.

9. 如果你想出去,咱们去散步吧!Let’s go for a walk going out.

10. 我们老师请我们填表。Our teacher asked us tothe form.

11. 他有时带给我一些书。He brings me some books .

12. 赶快,否则我们会上学迟到。 for school.

13. 为了他能拍一些好照片,我借给他相机。

I lend him a camera he can take some good photos.

14. 我们最好别在公共场合大声聊天。

We had better stop talking.

15. 我刚才听见她唱歌了。I heard her sing .

16. 她太小而不能照顾她自己。She is too young to herself.

17. 我不再介意告诉我坏消息。I mind .


1. 我为我们的学校自豪。I am our school.

2. 我们的老师总是对我们很严格。Our teachers always 3. 每天乘公交车上学花费我一个小时。

It me hour to go to school by bus every day.

4. 为什么不提出一些赶上别人的好建议呢?

Why not come up with5. 即使天气很差,我们也必须尽力准时到学校。

We have to try our on time the weather is terrible.

6. 我们的老师经常告诉我们永远爱我们的祖国。

Our teacher often tells us to love .

7. 在你交试卷前,你最好检查一下。

You had better go over the paper.

8. 我们班由40个学生组成。 40 students.


1. 除了滑冰外,她还讨厌游泳。She hates swimming skating.

2. 我姐姐和我一样擅长唱歌。My sister as singing as I.

3. 我喜欢用水装满这个瓶子。I likethe bottle water.


1. 好的健康取决于好的食物、锻炼和足够的睡眠。

Good health good food, exercise and enough sleep.

2. 他很累以至于在课上睡着了。He was so tired that he in class.

3. 他一到那儿就病倒了。He as soon as he got there.


1. 首先,我们应该每天坚持做锻炼。

Above all 2. 运动是很有趣的以至于几百万人喜欢它。

The sport is so interesting that 九、语言学习

1. 我每天花许多时间学习数学。

I a lot of time in math every day. 2. 他坚持努力学习,结果他取得了很大进步。

He keeps studying hard, as a result, he has great 3. 只要你坚持努力学习,你会取得很大进步的。

you keep studying English hard, you will make great progress.

4. 我们老师叫我们把这些句子翻译成英语。

Our teacher told us to English.


My teacher often spends a lot of time me my English.

6. 实际上,我告诉过他怎样给别人发电子邮件。

, I told him how to send emails to others.


In order to come true, I have to keep studying hard.

8. 我期待取得好成绩。I look to good grades.

9. 我经常花许多时间在词典查单词。

I often spend lots of time in words in the dictionary.

10. 我们应该为考试做好准备。 We get ready for the test.


Our teacher told us to to the blackboard in class.

12. 到目前为止,我已坚持学习英语10年了。

I have kept studying English for ten years .

13. 这数学题很难,几乎没有学生能做出来。

The math problem was so hard that few students could it .


The you study, the you will learn.

The other day, I was busy the test.


Why not asking the teacher for help?

17.我通常一醒来就开始学习。I usually start to study as soon as I .


1. 春节期间全家人都乐于聚在一起。

The family enjoy

2. 为了阻止人们陷入危险,我们最好排队上车。

In order to stop people from being , we had better get on the bus in order.


1.我认为鲸不是一种鱼。I think that a whale is a of fish.


15.前几天,我忙于准备考试了。 the fact, I don’t think that you are right. 3. 这台电脑占据了太多空间。This computer too much space.

4. 建这座桥花了几千人几年时间。

It took people a few years to build the bridge.

5. 我试穿一下这件外套你介意吗?Would you mind my this coat?

6. 请你把收音机调低一点好吗?Will you please the radio?

7. 这本书过去属于我的。This book used tome.

8. 我上学迟到了因为公共汽车坏了。

I was late for school because the bus .

9. 昨晚发生了一场火灾。A fire last night.

10. 我的新书已出版了。My new book has .

11. 我妈妈喜欢把我跟别人比较。My mother likes me others.

12. 请你帮我查一下下趟列车何时出发好吗?

Would you please help me when the next train starts? You had better not your coat after you I will the book to the library as as possible. 13. 下车后你最好别脱外套。 14. 我会尽快把书还给图书馆。

15. 她宁死不屈。She die than give in.

16. 别放弃你的希望。 Don’t your hope.

17. 我以前听说过他。I used to him.

18. 请随便吃些鱼。 some fish.

19. 刚才我听见有人敲门。 I heard someone the door just now.

20. 我刚才看见他在找东西。 I something just now.

21. 我们穿过森林时当心蛇。

for the snake when we the forest.

22. 我讨厌女人在公共场合化妆。 I hate seeing women make up .

23. 我帮她付了书钱。 I helped her to the book.

24. 我开车接他时,我见到一个箱子。 I picked up a box when I .

25. 他指向门向我示意上面的一幅画。

He the door to show me a picture on it. It’s very important to prevent fire from . 26. 防御火灾爆发是很重要的。

27. 你最好别推迟做作业。 You bad better not 28. 请你把这幅画贴在墙上好吗?

Could you please this picture on the wall? I like going to school stay at home. 29. 我喜欢上学而不愿呆在家里。

30. 每人提到昨天的事。 No one yesterday’s thing.

31. 我愿意把你当成我的朋友。 I would like to you my friend.

32. 我想要为你送行。 I would like to .

33. 美国过去发射过许多宇宙飞船。America used to many spaceships.

34. US代表美国。 the United States.

35. 北京有许多名胜古迹,比如长城、颐和园等等。

There are a lot of of in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and so on.

36. 昨天发生了一起交通事故。 A traffic accident 37. 每天玩电脑游戏占用许多时间。

Playing computer games a lot of time every day.

38. 我经常一出去就关上灯。 the light as soon as I go out.

39. 我习惯于晚饭后去散步。 I for a walk after supper.

40. 我很抱歉让你等了这么长时间。

I am sorry to keep you 41. 你最好记下地址。 You had better the address.

42. 很高兴收到你的来信。Nice to you.

43. 我期待你的好消息。 I’m to your good news.

范文十:成都2014中考英语专题 投稿:马毜毝




afford to do sth. 担负得起做某事 agree to do sth. 赞同做某事

arrange to do sth.布置做某事 ask to do sth. 要求做某事 beg to do sth. 恳求做某事 care to do sth. 想要做某事

choose to do sth. 决议做某事 decide to do sth. 决议做某事

demand to do sth. 要求做某事 determine to do sth. 决计做某事

expect to do sth. 等待做某事 fear to do sth. 惧怕做某事

help to do sth. 协助做某事 hope to do sth. 希望做某事

learn to do sth. 学习做某事 manage to do sth. 设法做某事

offer to do sth. 自动提出做某事 plan to do sth. 方案做某事

prepare to do sth. 预备做某事 pretend to do sth. 假装做某事

promise to do sth. 容许做某事 refuse to do sth. 回绝做某事

want to do sth. 想要做某也事 wish to do sth. 希望做某事


aim to do sth. 计划做某事 fail to do sth. 未能做某事

long to do sth. 盼望做某事 happen to do sth. 碰巧做某事

hesitate to do sth. 犹疑做某事 struggle to do sth. 努力做某事


advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事 allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事

ask sb. to do sth.请(叫)某人做某事 bear sb. to do sth.忍耐某人做某事

beg sb. to do sth. 恳求某人做某事 cause sb. to do sth. 招致某人做某事

command sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某 drive sb. to do sth .驱使某人做某事 elect sb. to do sth. 选举某人做某 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓舞某人做某事 expect sb. to do sth. 期望某人做某事 forbid sb. to do sth. 禁止某人做某事 force sb. to do sth. 强迫某人做某事 get sb. to do sth. 使(要)某人做某事 hate sb. to do sth. 厌恶某人做某事 help sb. to do sth. 协助某人做某事

intend sb. to do sth. 计划要某人做某事 invite sb. to do sth. 约请某人做某事 leave sb. to do sth. 留下某人做某事 like sb. to do sth. 喜欢某人做某事 mean sb. to do sth. 计划要某人做某事 need sb. to do sth. 需求某人做某事 oblige sb. to do sth. 迫使某人做某事 order sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事

permit sb. to do sth.允许某人做某事 persuade sb. to do sth. 劝说某人做某事

prefer sb. to do sth. 宁愿某人做某事 request sb. to do sth. 要求某人做事

remind sb. to do sth. 提示某人做某事 teach sb. to do sth .教某人做某事

tell sb. to do sth. 通知某人做某事 train sb. to do sth. 训练某人做某事

trouble sb. to do sth. 麻烦某人做某事 want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事

warn sb. to do sth. 警告某人做某事 wish sb. to do sth. 希望某人做某事


汉语说:“惧怕某人做某事”,但英语不说fear sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“原谅某人做某事”,但英语不说excuse [forgive] sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“回绝某人做某事”,但英语不说refuse sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“惩罚某人做某事”,但英语不说punish sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“建议某人做某事”,但英语不说suggest [propose] sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“赞成某人做某事”,但英语不说approve sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“告诉某人做某事”,但英语不说inform sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“欢送某人做某事”,但英语不说welcome sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“坚持某人做某事”,但英语不说insist [persist] sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“希望某人做某事”,但英语不说hope sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“安排某人做某事”,但英语不说arrange sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“要求某人做某事”,但英语不说demand sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“感激某人做某事”,但英语不说thank sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“恭喜某人做某事”,但英语不说congratulate sb. to do sth.。

汉语说:“阻止某人做某事”,但英语不说prevent sb. to do sth.。


汉语的“原谅某人做某事”,英语可说成excuse [forgive] sb. for doing sth.。

汉语的“希望某人做某事”,英语可说成wish sb. to do sth.。

汉语的“建议某人做某事”,英语可说成advise sb. to do sth.。

汉语的“安排某人做某事”,英语可说成arrange for sb. to do sth.。

汉语的“要求某人做某事”,英语可说成demand of sb. to do sth.。

汉语的“感激某人做某事”,英语可说成thank sb. for doing sth.。

汉语的“恭喜某人做某事”,英语可说成congratulate sb. on doing sth.。

汉语的“阻止某人做某事”,英语可说成prevent sb. from doing sth.。


1.--What can I do for you? --I’d like two _______.

A. box of apple B. boxes of apples

C. box of apples D. boxes of apple

2.Help yourself to _________.

A. some chickens B. a chicke C. some chicken D. any chicken

3.________ it is today!

A. What fine weather B. What a fine weather

C. How a fine weather D. How fine a weather

4.Which is the way to the __________?

A. shoe factory B. shoes factory C. shoe’s factory D. shoes’factory

5.This class ________ now. Miss Gao teaches them.

A. are studyingB. is studyingC. be studyingD. studying

6.We will have a _________ holiday after the exam.

A. two month B. two-month C. two month’s D. two-months

7.________ trees are cut down in the forests every year.

A. Thousand B. Thousands C. Thousand of D. Thousands of

8.Our sports meeting will be held ________.

A. on 24, Tuesday, April B. in April 24, Tuesday

C. on Tuesday, April 24 D. in April Tuesday 24

9_________ people here are very friendly to us.

A. The B. / C. A D. An

10..There is no enough ________ in the corner to put the table.

A. place B. room C. floor D. ground

11.Some people like to stay at home, but ________ like to go to the cinema.

A. another B.other C. others D. other one

12.-- Is this your shoe? -- Yes, but where is _________?

A. the other one B. other one C. another one D. the others

13.– When shall we meet again next week?

-- _______ day is possible. It’s no problem with me.

A. Either B. Neither C. Every D. Any

14.Have you ever seen ________ big panda before?

A. a such B. such a C. so a D. a so

15.-- _______ do you write to your parents? -- Once a month.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far

16.Robert has gone to _________ city and he’ll be back in a week.

A. other B. the other C. another D. any other

17.– A latest magazine, please. -- Only one left. Would you like to have ________?

A. It B. One C. this D. That

18.– Which book would you like to borrow? --____ of the two books is OK with me.

A. Either B. Both C. Any D. None

19.He knows _________ English ________ French. But he’s very good at Japanese.

A. either; or B. both; and C. neither; nor D. either; nor

20.– What do your parents do? -- One is a teacher; _________ is a driver.

A. Other B. Another C. the other D. that one



A: Hello, this is the emergency centre.

B: I 1._______ to report an urgent case. A fire 2.______ out in the building just

opposite my house.

A: Can you give me the 3._______?

B: No. 218, Hongxing Road, Chenjiang District.

A: Can you briefly describe the 4.________?

B: Oh, yes. The third floor of the 5.______ is on fire. I can see some people trapped

inside. 6._______ is waving a white towel.

A: Are there many people in the building?

B: Yes. People inside are 7._______ for help. They can’t get out of it 8.______ of the fire. Can you hurry?

A: Yes, the police and firemen will be coming right away.

B: Thank you. I will be there until 9.______ come.

A: Thank you for your call. Please make 10._______ that you are safe.

B: OK, I will.


Once upon a time, a farmer 1.______ an eagle’s egg and he put it in the nest of a farm chicken. The eagle was hatched (孵化) and thought he was a chicken. He

2.________ up doing what farm chicken scratching (刨) at the dirt for food and flying short distances with a 3.________ fluttering (挥动) of wings. It was a boring life. Gradually the eagle grew 4._____ and stronger. One day he and his farm chicken friends 5._______ a beautiful bird flying in the sky, high above the mountains..

“Oh, how I wish I could fly like that!” said the eagle. The chickens laughed at him. The eagle was 6._______, but the chickens didn’t give him another thought. “That’s the strong eagle , the king of all birds--- you could 7._______ be like him! You are only a chicken.” He went on 8.______ about life. He died thinking he was a chicken. My friends, if you have 9._______, you should work hard to make them come true and don’ give up. Do not be too concerned about the opinions of others . Believe in yourself and you must 10.________.


Today there are 6 billion people on the earth. By the year 2050 there may be 12.5 billion. 1.____________

One way to produce more food is by growing stronger plants. For thousands of

years, farmers have made plants better. 2._________ It works very slowly. Since 1983, scientists have been able to change plants more quickly by changing their genetic material (遗传物质) . Foods from plants grown in this way are called genetixally modified foods (转基因食品), or GM foods.

By changing genetic material of a plant, it is possible to make new plants. They make plants which are strong against plant disease. 3._________ Rich countries produce GM food because they are easy to grow and bring in more money. 4.______ GM plants are not natural. No one knows how good or bad they are. Making GM foods is only one way of feeding people in 2050. 5.________ They may feed people, then hurt them or their children later. But, both rich and poor countries are very interested in their use, and they are not going to go away. In 2050 we may think differently about them.



( Jack comes to sed Dr. Li A----- Dr. Li B-----Jack)

A: What’s 1.______ with you?

B: Well,doctor. It’

s 2.______ neck. I can’t twist it normally.

A: 3.______ long have you been like this?

B: Since last week, I think.

A: Let me 4.______ a look. I guess you work too hard these days 5._______ take less care od your neck.

B: Yes, you are right. What should I do?

A: Well, when you feel tired, just 6.______working and come out to have a short rest. Remember, don’t sit 7.______ front of the computer too long. Here are some pills. B: How 8.______ should I take them?

A: Three 9.______ a day, three pills a time.

B: Thank you very much.

A: 10._______ all right.


hundred times, you may succeed when you try for the 101st time.

When I was born, my doctor told my mother that there was something wrong with my

2.______ . They were too soft to be able to walk. Although the news was bad, my mother didn’t become 3._______. She didn’t believe what the doctor said and started to look for other ways. My mother kept looking for other doctors for me, and finally she 4.________. The doctor and his team in the hospiatl did what they could to help me. They also 5._______ my parents to do some exercise to help me walk. One day when my mother came to 6.______ me up. I crawled (爬) towards her. She was so surprised and happy that she couldn’t believe 7._______ eyes. Craweling was not walking, but it was a good start. Day by day, I could walk by myself.

When I grew up, my mother always told me 8._______ stories. She said that if I thought of what she said whenever I met difficulities, I could do anything successfully. I have been working hard and I have turned out to be a very excellent person. I get 9.________ grades in school and I am a good dancer and swimmer. Thanks to my 10._______ strong resolution, I live a happy life now. What the story tells us, as my mother always says, is : Never give up.


Romina Mohaqeq is only 16 years old. She was born in Tehran in 1998. She is considered as Iran’s ( 伊朗) youngest filmmaker( 电影制片人) . She became famous sa soon as her documentary appeared. Romina has directed several documentaries and short films so far and has won several prizes at national and international film festivals. She dreams of winning an Oscar someday.

“ I made my first documentary when I was eight years old. The idea came to me when I saw a small boy who was collecting rubbish and putting it in a trash can near my house. I thought it might be a good topic for a documentary,” she told the reporters. “ I asked my dad to make a movie about this boy. You know, he is a director. But my father told me to work on the topic myself if I liked it. So I made my first documentary and named it Long Way.”

Romina’s Long Way won the best film prize at Roshd International Film Festival in 2007. This encouraged her to continue making films. After Long Way, she made a short film, A Box Full of Affection, which is based on a story in a magazine. She is now working on Thought, a new